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Frequently asked questions


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Is my business right for Blue Table?

If your business is focussed on providing solutions in one or more of the categories we have set then the Blue Table is perfect for you, no matter what stage your business is at or where you’re based. See the “categories” section of our website to find out what specific kinds of innovation we’re looking for.

When is the deadline for applying?

The deadline for applying is the 15 June 2017

What info do I need to provide in my application?

We ask you for information about you, your product or service, your team and your company. Don’t hold back, let us know how great you are!

Is there a minimum age?

You must be at least 18 years old to enter the programme.

I don’t live in the UK, can I apply?

Of course! The best innovations can come from anywhere. Bear in mind that you may need a visa to participate in the accelerator and that you will be required to travel to the UK during the programme.

If you think you have a solution that would benefit us but might have difficulties in coming to work with us in the UK, contact us.


Is Blue Table like other accelerators?

We believe we are different. Blue Table is a programme of development that focuses on building a strong relationship between you and Bupa as well as helping your business get to the next stage.

Blue Table will offer you access to investment, desk space, internal senior mentors and expertise at Bupa head office, a first class education programme and external mentors.

When is Blue Table Running

The programme itself will kick off on 4 September, and will conclude with Demo Day on 13 November.

Where is Blue Table being run?

The programme will be based at Bupa’s head offices in central London (UK); however there may be opportunities to work with other parts of the business depending on your product or solution.

Where will the mentors come from?

Mentors will include senior people from Bupa, entrepreneurs and external subject matter experts.

We tailor the mentoring experience to cater to your requirements – this will be agreed at the beginning of the programme.

What does the day-to-day look like with Blue Table?

Blue Table’s itinerary is designed to help you create game-changing products and solutions. You’ll accelerate your working to rapidly develop your product or solution, receiving essential guidance on key decisions in real time from your mentors. Each startup’s experience on the programme will be unique – we tailor the mentoring and education programmes to meet your business’ specific needs.

Is investment on offer?

Collaboration is central to Blue Table, and we believe alignment is central to successful collaboration.

Zero equity is taken in exchange for joining Blue Table. However, where we see a business opportunity together, and we want to work with you over the longer-term, L Marks may offer a financial investment in exchange for a small share of your company.

Prior to joining the programme, terms will be agreed for L Marks to invest up to £50,000 in return for a mutually-agreed equity level. There is not a minimum level of equity as Blue Table is open to teams at all stages of business.

L Marks welcome discussions concerning investment throughout the 10 weeks, however they tend to make final decisions about funding towards the end of the programme and our period of collaboration. Participation in Blue Table does not guarantee investment.